Roof drainage systems

Conventional roof drainage

  • Stack for each outlet equal to the height of the building
  • Collector pipes with slope
  • 33% stack filling ratio
  • Maximum 70% collectors filling ratio

Siphonic roof drainage

  • Roof outlet with anti-vortex plate
  • No slope for collectors
  • Single downpipe for each circuit and on the perimeter of the building
  • Full bore flow

Outlets & Flow

In conventional systems pipelines work with water and air inside as the inlet flow has a vortex that carries air inside, this means that the pipes cannot fill fully as the air takes up room in the pipe. Pipes are sized for filling ratios of 20% or 33% (depending on national or local standards and regulations) allowing considerable amounts of air into the pipes of 80% or 67% of the pipe section.
The pipelines in a siphonic drainage system work in a full bore stage as the outlets have an anti-vortex plate that avoid air inside. The absence of air in the system allows it to run 100% full of water making use of the entire pipe section and vastly increasing flows that are 10 times faster when compared to conventional drainage systems.